Seductive crêpes, hearty-fresh galettes

Melt is a crêperie specializing in the cuisine of Brittany, a region in the northwest of France where the roots of the founder and owner, Catherine Le Corre, lie.
Our homemade specialties are sweet crêpes and savory galettes, which we offer together with coffee, wine and cider. We also offer a wide range of French pastries, such as croissants and éclairs.


It’s the pleasure of being able to make you happy and serene through the tumult of life, the noise of the city, to give you back the quality of good things, the taste of childhood, Proust’s madeleine – just for a moment – these tastes.
A journey through love, taste, light, laughter, colours, the cuisine of France. It is the sharing of new emotions. It’s fast, and doesn’t cost more than the discovery of a Sei WILLKOMMEN!

Delivery / Uber Eats