Our Philosophy

It’s the pleasure of being able to make you happy and serene through the tumult of life, the noise of the city, to give you back the quality of good things, the taste of childhood, Proust’s madeleine – just for a moment – these tastes.

A journey through love, taste, light, laughter, colours, the cuisine of France. It is the sharing of new emotions. It’s fast, and doesn’t cost more than the discovery of a Sei WILLKOMMEN!

It is also hope. The immigrant who has just arrived from anywhere, who thinks French, who needs a blue house to rest from their journey, to pause their life, to have the opportunity to understand the ambiguity of Berlin freedom.

East and West Berlin. The will and the necessity to integrate. To learn the language, the habits and the customs. To help with what you carry in your heart and without baggage. Willkommen!

The Melt spirit is about sharing warmth since 2010! The homemade, the salted butter caramel, the love of good things and the hope that we will all rediscover the flavors of our childhood and explore new horizons… with a touch of medieval recipes.

This is Melt!